Welcome to Happy Gardens Community School

Our mission is to support orphans, vulnerable, and underprivileged children in our community through education, feeding programs, and counseling.

We strive to ensure that no child misses out on education, regardless of their background.

Education for All

At the heart of our belief is that every child deserves an education. We warmly welcome all children, no matter their background or financial situation.

This inclusive approach means that many of our pupils cannot afford school fees or even basic supplies like pens and paper.

Many of the children we serve are malnourished and rely on our school for their only meal of the day.

To continue providing these essential services, we urgently need funding to prepare meals, hire dedicated teachers, and cover the school’s rent.

Your support can make a profound difference in the lives of these children, ensuring they have the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

Together, we can create a brighter future for our community.

“For as little as US$37.40, you can help feed a child for a whole month and ensure they can learn at school.”

Our dedicated staff: Peninah (Cook), Tr Cynthia ,Tr Joy, Tr Ruth, Tr Emily and Tr Lyzer and headmistress Lyda



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