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MY STORY – Lydia Votega – Happy Gardens Community School

I am Lydia Awuor Onyango, Kenyan Citizen by birth, 33yrs old born on 12/12/1988 in Siaya County in a small village called Bungasi.

I am 5.1ft tall, chocolate in color and outstanding, loving and faithful woman.

I come from a family of four and am the first born daughter to the late Mrs. Petronilla Achieng and Mr. Gabriel Onyango.

My parents died when I and my sister were 5 and 3 years respectively.

We grew up under the care of our grandparents who died later on, l grew up not knowing my biological father and at some point I was chased away from home and stayed in the street for some time.I didn’t know where to go or even my biological father, I have searched for my biological father for the last 31 yrs now but finally I’m grateful I met my biological father last year but one September 2020 and I’m happy now that I have my father and my step brothers and sisters.

When I was growing up I had vision and the passion to be a teacher by profession after going through my education by the help of well-wishers and donors.

I have been a teacher for the last 14 years now and during this period in the teaching field I saw the need to start a non-profit organization school which was  registered on 29th February 2021 by the name Happy Gardens Community Organization School.

I started this organization to purposely help the needy, orphans, vulnerable and disadvantaged within the slum settlement in our community.

As a teacher for the past 14 years I was exposed to many challenges though it wasn’t easy to solve them, since they required financial assistance like donors and well wishers.

At the moment I have 55 children…

which are learning in my school  and parents have  requested to bring there children at the beginning of our first term which will be 25h of April 2022  that’s when we will be starting our first term and means means that the number of the students is going to double.

These children in my school organization depends on the school feeding programme because their parents or guardians are not able to provide them with 3 meals in a day and they are also not able to buy there children’s school supplies.

I’m really beginning  for the well wishers and donors  to support me and work together to bring a change in our community and in the World as a whole.

I would also really appreciate if you can help us  get a permanent place for our school where each class can be able to get a classroom for learning space because we have been evicted twice due to lack of rent payment and even the classroom  that we are using now ,we are three months rent behind that chances of eviction is very high.

We need rent total amount of $500 to clear the school space arrears,  anyone who can also donate to us black boards, students tables and chairs, students bags, students uniforms and  school  shoes,  plus learning and teaching materials .

At the moment no stuff is getting any payment due to lack of finances in our school organization and we are  just serving the community , it’s not easy working without expecting any salary but we always believe and trusting in God together with my stuff that one day things will change and that they will get payment.

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