Director Family of Our Children School

I’m Lydia Awuor Onyango ,I’m 33 yrs old and a mother of two.

I have a boy and girl, their names are Tiphany Jahenda she’s 8 years old and she will be turning 9 years in may.

She’s going to grade four by the end of this month.

Tiphany is a very kind girl, caring and loving, she’s loves traveling, drawing, and coloring, she’s very friendly and loves interacting with different people.

This character makes her unique to his brother.

She’s always ambitious and her goal when she grow up is to become a teacher, she loves cooking too.

When it comes to her education, she’s a very bright student and in a class of 143 students, she managed to be position 6 with 397 marks out of 400 marks.

Her teachers loves her very much because whenever the teacher is not in class she always take the roll of being teacher and take care of the rest of the students.

This makes her very outstanding in both class and co- curriculum activities, she’s also very good footballer this being one of her hobbies.

I will appreciate any support on her education to the highest level of education.

I love her very much and we are good friends ever with her.

My second born is a boy, his name is Trevian Gabriel.

He is 4 years old. Trevian is a very active boy and very bright and clever in class.

He’s goes to school at Happy Gardens non-profit organization school, he’s one of my students.

He loves drawing and coloring pictures, he loves playing football and watching cartoon.

He is a bit shy when it comes to interacting with new people but once you interacted, he’s always very friendly and loving.

He’s a very talkative boy once interacted and entertaining with dance and being playful at both home and school.

He would love to be a pilot when he grow up, my work and goal towards parenting them is to help them and nature their talents as they grow up.

Love them very much and may God continue to protect them, give them good health, and bless them.

Director Family of Our Children School

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Director Family of Our Children School
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Director Family of Our Children School
About Lydia's family and who they are when it comes to Happy Gardens Community School in Africa.
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