Save an African Community by Feeding and Educating a Child

It has been a very long Holiday of seven weeks in Nigeria.

After the long holiday, there were a lot of preparations that had to be put in place.

Financial support came in this last month, thanks to Jan, and Lorraine Williams, to help in the preparation for the school opening. 

Here are the photos of the school opening preparations, our school has never been painted before and therefore has been looking like a rental house but not a school!!!

I’m so grateful for our paintings and drawings that came from our children and parents.

The paintings that have been done, excited the children so much, and in turn increased the number of children at our school.

Within the four days that we opened, we enrolled over ten children, and some are yet to come by Wednesday of next week since we have 3 working days because of a holiday due to the loss of our former president.

This is combination of Labor Day and Muslim’s celebration.

I believe that there is nothing good that comes without challenges.

We still have ups and downs that need financial support.

As we have opened the school, we did not have food for the children.

The last four days in school have been very challenging due to lack of food.

The organization that supported us the last three months, only supports by each term, and then they move to another school.

We can never thank them enough for the food because a child with an empty stomach cannot learn and will always be 😡 angry.

I will highly appreciate any food donations for the children as we resume back to school next week on Wednesday.

Through the increased number of children, we also had to take their uniforms sizes yesterday.

This task encouraged their parents from the great donation that Jan made to ensure that all children are in Happy Gardens’ full school uniform.

Now the uniforms are the same color and design for the boys and girls.

On a sad note:

A parent nearly killed herself and her four kids due to an overwhelming situation in her home, before one parent from my school directed her to come to school to meet with us

She has been in an abusive marriage before the husband ran away and left her with four kids including a newborn child.

As you can see in the photo the baby is 5 months old but looks smaller due to malnutrition.

She wanted to let her children stay in school where they can learn, be fed, and be in a safe environment but because we don’t have premises in school where they can stay.

I just enrolled them, took their uniform sizes then I gave her something to prepare for the kids at home.

This is how much we need an Orphanage for the school because she is not the first one.

We also have challenges with the teachers as you can only see two teachers, and the cook.

Two teachers did not come back from the log holiday due to a lack of monthly payments, as I depend on the well-wishers and donors to support pay the teachers it has been a very big challenge hence.

I can’t maintain the teachers without payment.

I will highly appreciate it if we can be supported with monthly payments for teachers thus it will enhance good performances for the children.

We are also in need of a handwashing station for the children, more tables and chairs, and staff tables and chairs.

We desperately needed this item before next week Wednesday as I had written before. Any support and donations we will highly appreciate.

Thank you in advance to people who will be reading this blog and will be touched to donate to the Happy Gardens children.


Save an African Community by Feeding and Educating a Child

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 - Save an African Community by Feeding and Educating a Child
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Please donate to our school so we can feed and cloth our children in Kenya.
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