School Uniforms for Our Children

Wow! It was a great time having the children being taken in for full school uniforms and shoes.

We are more than grateful to Jan Ankerstjerne for the donation and the great ideas that he has been giving to Happy Gardens non-profit school.

I met Jan in 2021 through LinkedIn, I have known him for close to a year now.

Jan is very generous, loving, and caring to everyone.

I have also gotten to know his mission for the Happy life Universe, which is to support and help communities live a happy life, targeting to work with the children.

We can never thank you enough Jan.

Since January, Jan has been paying our school rent and other expenses that arises in the school.

Through his commitment, he was able to notice that all children did not have full school uniform and shoes, with the majority coming to school with home clothes and slippers, which makes it difficult for the children to run around or even able to play games like football, jumping rope etc.

Through lack of school uniform and shoes some children refuses to come to school because they see their friends with full school uniform and shoes going to different schools which their parents are able to afford them and being child that could make them sad.

Thanks to Jan, Happy Gardens children will be opening school for first term 25th April, they are all going to have full school uniform and school shoes like any other child in the world.

My goal and desire for the Happy Gardens non-profit school is to help these needy, orphans and less fortunate children to have quality education and food like any other child in the world.

I believe that there is power in education and it’s the key to successful and developed community and county as a whole.

To anyone who will be reading this blog let’s join our hands together at Happy Gardens non-profit school to support these children educationally and with the feeding program because a child with an empty stomach cannot learn.

We also need other school materials like teaching and learning materials, beings for small babies because we handle children from six months and above, children’s tables and chairs for both staff and children.

Thank you Jan once again for the great work you have been doing at happy Gardens, the children will be very happy when schools open up, you have made Happy Gardens happy just like your mission Happy life Universe Foundation.


School Uniforms for Our Children

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School Uniforms for Our Children
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School Uniforms for Our Children
This is a article about our children being measured for clothes and shoes that they badly needed in Nairobi, Africa.
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