We Have Six Teachers and One Cook

We have six teachers and two support staff though two teachers are on their maternity leave.

Their names are: Everlyne Awuor, Phelister Awino, Mary Wasike, Everyone Achieng, Christine Salama and Eunice Awuor

These teachers have been doing an amazing job of teaching, taking care of the children, and feeding the small babies since we handle children, from six months.

The challenge I’m facing together with the teachers is that we don’t have any salary income, for me to give them something small it must come from the well-wishers which is not a monthly donation.

This is our cook as you can see in the kitchen.

Her name is Eunice Awuor.

She’s a very hardworking woman and loving to the children.

Her two children are among the students that we are teaching in our school, she has 5 children which are not easy to feed and educate because even her husband is jobless, he depends on day-to-day jobs which sometimes are not easily accessible.

My prayer is to get well wishes who can support with the staff salaries so that I can be paying them salaries at the end of every month that they can also get to meet their needs as well.

It’s not an easy situation at happy gardens but just trusting in God and believing that he’s going to open the way out.

Thank you once again and may God bless you for reading our blog.

We are located in Africa in the city of Nairobi and the country of Kenya.


We Have Six Teachers and One Cook

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We Have Six Teachers and One Cook
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We Have Six Teachers and One Cook
This story is to introduce our staff of hard working women. We are a nonprofit children school in Africa that depends on Donations.
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Happy Gardens Community School
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