Welcome to Farming in Kenya

In Kenya, we have main cash crops that many farmers used to plant, these have been Tea, Cotton, and Coffee.

These have boosted the Kenyan economy over the years.

As years go by the market for the main cash crops has gone down not exciting and not reliable to farmers at all.

Many farmers have been able to opt-out of the food market like kales, spinach, potatoes, and so on.

Through food markets, many families can educate their children, 

 put food on the table, and other basic needs in their families.

Maize and beans are also some of the food crops that are planted by many farmers in Kenya.

One of my favorite food market that has been able to help my parents feed and educate my siblings has been kales.

Being that our home is near the river Nzoia in Siaya county in Kenya.

Irrigation ditch from river to crops

Transplanting vegetables into the ground.

Our farmer transplanting kale plants into the ground.

There has never been season for kale market in our home, through selling kales my parents has been able to put up our home, and educate my siblings up to high school level.

In everything there must be always challenges to face.

It has been not easy for the last two years in farming due to high cost of fertilizer in Kenya.

This has strained farming sector hence has led high food cost and short because without the fertilizer no crops can produce good harvest.

Another major challenge has been lacking enough rains or excessive rains.

Due to change of weather every year, this has also affected the amount of food produce hence has affected the farmers in a negative way.

Many families are now going without food due to poor produce from the farmers.

Two of our farmers breaking up the ground before planting our crop of kale, spinach and beans.


Farmers in Kenya needs support especially with fertilizers prices to help farmers get good produce that will help with food security in our country.

With food security in our country no child will go without food, hence we will protect them from malnourishment and other diseases that are caused by lack of proper feeding and imbalance diet.


Welcome to Farming in Kenya

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Welcome to Farming in Kenya
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Welcome to Farming in Kenya
We have a small farm to help feed our school. We grow kayle, spinach and beans and sell the produce through food markets as well as feed ourselves.
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